Wine / Whiskey Rum Barrels

Oak Wine barrel

Oak Wine Barrel 

$29.50 ea 

Rum & Whisky barrel

Rustic look

Some sourced from closure of Beenleigh rum distillery, others from Jack Daniels.

$ 29.50ea

Dry Bars

Stainless steel 2 tier

Stainless steel 2 x tiers. as pictured 

$19.50 ea

single tier stainless steel look 


Plastic top

Folding plastic top with metal base

$18.50 ea.

Laminate top

Timber laminate top with chrome legs

900 x 900  @   $ 19.00 

1800 x 900  @  $21.00 ea

Timber square

Timber top and large timber base $20.00 ea

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